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Saturday, January 28th, 2012 @ 21:00


Saturday, January 28th, 2012 @ 21:00

My child, Satan’s power is getting weaker by the day, as the Holy Spirit continues to spread His wings over all of God’s children.

Faith and love of God is growing everywhere, because of prayer, and the special Graces given to my children, by my Father, God the Most High. Conversion is increasing. Many of my children may not be aware of this, but you will see this, if you open your eyes.

Please, my child, you must pray for Pope Benedict, with all your heart. He suffers so much and in many ways is alone in his grief for the apostasy he sees both outside of and inside the Holy Vatican.

His days in the Holy See have been extended and because of this, much of the havoc caused by the evil one, has been averted.

Prayer, my children, is like a roll of thunder in the heavens. Your prayers are being heard and answered in Heaven, children.

This is good. Continue to pray the Crusades of Prayer given to you, my child. Here is a special prayer for Pope Benedict’s safety.

Crusade Prayer (23) for Pope Benedict’s safety

“O My Eternal Father, on behalf of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and the suffering He endured to save the world from sin, I pray now that You protect Your Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, Head of Your Church on Earth, so that he too can help save Your children, and all Your sacred servants, from the scourge of Satan, and his dominion of fallen angels who walk the Earth, stealing souls.

O Father, protect Your Pope so that Your children can be guided on the True Path towards Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen.”

Your heavenly Queen of the Earth

Mother of Salvation

Jul 5, 2017
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