So Many People Today Are Obsessed With The…

Saturday, September 29th, 2012 @ 23:00


Saturday, September 29th, 2012 @ 23:00

My dearly beloved daughter, why is it so many people in the world believe that their mortality is indefinite?

So many people today are obsessed with the pursuit of fame and self-glory. So many of those who seek and achieve great recognition and success are idolised by those who believe that this is the glory which they must strive for and which will satisfy them.

Very little of their time is spent on what really matters. They trample on others to get what they want because of their insatiable desire to shine in glory before the world.

Their vanity is fed by the world of entertainment, the media, and their pursuit of self-perfection is applauded.

This is what ordinary people strive for today. They openly admire such ambition and this becomes like a religion. They idolise those who reach such heights and then set about imitating their lives.

Not once do they consider that such things are of no real consequence. They never stop to ask themselves: “Is this what my life is to consist of?”

They do not believe in God, in most instances, for if they did, they would know how displeasing it is, in the Eyes of God, to seek adulation in this way.

When a person constantly seeks attention, adulation and is obsessed with the image they portray to the world, they do not understand how short this road is. It will disappear in time and they will find themselves empty and with no love left to share with others.

They spend so much of their time loving themselves that they will have no room for any other love. They place their own needs before others. They will do anything, including committing acts, which offend God, to achieve self-glory.

This generation has been told so many lies about the way in which to live their lives. They are encouraged by a world, which believes that material gain, celebrity, culture and an ambition which will bring great admiration, are the most important things to strive for.

How little they know. How shocked they will be when they discover how wrong they were.

People who lead such lives will face disappointment when their lusts will not be satisfied. Every act to bring them more pleasure, through self-obsessed ambition, will fail to bring them peace.

Pray that soon people will realise that the pursuit of fame and self-glory only satisfies for a short time. There is only one goal, which you should strive for, and that is to follow the Teachings of the Lord.

When you do this you will be at peace.

You can still enjoy many of the pleasures in the world but you will understand what really matters.

So many young people place such value on how they appear to others. The pressures on them, to lead their lives by pursuing the same goals as those celebrities they admire is damaging their souls.

It is blocking out the reality of what is pleasing to God.

It is blocking out the Truth.

Only the Truth will make them feel content and bring them peace, love, joy and happiness.

I Am the Life they seek.

In Me they will find a life of Glory.

This is the Glory they must seek.

For, they will live a life of Great Glory in the New Paradise if they turn to Me.

This is the only glory, which will bring them untold joy.

Your Jesus
Jul 9, 2017
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