I Chose Twelve Simple Men, Uneducated And…

Sunday, September 1st, 2013 @ 11:08


Sunday, September 1st, 2013 @ 11:08

My dearly beloved daughter, when I walked the Earth and entered the Temples of God, to reveal the Truth, I was treated, at first, with patience. Many priests were astonished by what I knew and by Me, the humble Son of a carpenter. So they listened, with attention, as I explained more of what was expected of them, as laid down in My Father’s Book.

I knew from the age of twelve what My Mission was and I began slowly, not revealing too much, before the time was right. I knew that I had to prepare the world for the Coming of the Messiah. I also knew, within a short period of time, that My Father’s Church on Earth, would deny Me and say that I was a fraud.

I chose twelve simple men, uneducated and ignorant of Holy Scripture, who were poor fishermen. Why did I do this? I knew that the knowledge I would give them would be accepted as it was. Without any previous knowledge of Holy Scripture, they would not, therefore, compare My Teachings with the Holy Scripture and try to find fault by examining them carefully. This would have meant that many of them would not have had the nerve to spread the Truth. They were sneered at by those in high places in the Church, who claimed that ignorant men were not worthy to be chosen by God, to spread His Holy Word, over them. Surely, with their education in matters of spirituality and position in the Church of God, that God would only choose His Church to prophecise the Good Word. They failed to understand that God only chooses the humble and the ignorant, in this way, because they do not argue. They do not challenge and they have no fear of being rejected, for they know no better. God, remember, does not choose those who exalt themselves before others. This could never be.

This is why you, My daughter, are hated amongst My Church on Earth. This is why they pull My Messages apart and ridicule them. This is why they mock you, because you are not deemed worthy to spread My Holy Word. How they grieve Me. The hatred you will see will be influenced mainly by the Catholic Church. They will never accept that a prophet, who has no knowledge of the Most Holy Bible or My Teachings, can be sent. They will say that you spread heresy. They say this because they are so far removed from My Teachings that they have begun to believe in their own lies. Know that My prophet for the end times has been sent and not chosen, for this could not be, as this, the Last Mission, has been created by My Father Who only sends His own.

I warn those of you who mock Me, by making little of these Messages – My Holy Word, you must come to Me, now, in Holy Adoration, immediately, every single day, until you hear My Voice. Only then can I take you and show you what I need from you at this crucial time in your service to God.

Your Jesus
Jul 12, 2017
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